News Updates
  • Sept '19  Dr. Zhang receives AFRL contract for distributed RF sensing. >> More

  • May '19  Dr. Zhang particpiates in AF Summer Faculty Fellowship Program. >> More

  • May '19  Congratulations to Si Qin for receiving the IEEE SPS Young Author Best Paper award. >> More

  • Nov '18 Dr. Zhang is elevated to IEEE Fellow. >> More

  • Nov '18 Dr. Zhang is elected as a member of the Signal Processing Theory and Methods (SPTM) Technical Committee of the IEEE SIgnal Processing Society. >> More

  • Apr '18 Dr. Zhang receives the Mimno Award from the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society. >> More

  • July '17 Dr. Zhang is awarded a DURIP fund from the Office of Naval Research. >> More 

  • Nov '16 Dr. Zhang is awarded a contract from the Air Force Research Lab to develop novel techniques for over-the-horizon radar. >> More

  • Sept '16 Congratulations to Si Qin who successfully defended his PhD dissertation. See Si's story.

  • July '16  Dr. Zhang receives the IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation Premium Award for the best paper published in 2015.  >> More

  • June '16 Dr. Zhang is awarded a grant from ONR to improve autonomous deck operation capabilities. >> More

  • May '16  Congratulations to Saurav Subedi and Eric Pauls who respectively complete their PhD and Master's programs. See Saurav and Eric at their defense presentations.

  • Sept. '15 Dr. Zhang is awarded an NSF grant to develop strategies for co-existence of radio telescope arrays with broadcast stations and wireless communication systems. >> NSF award info

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