Selected External Projects

Current Projects

National Science Foundation: Strategies for Co-existence of Radio
    Telescope Arrays with Broadcast Stations and Wireless Communication

Air Force Research Lab: Distributed RF Sensing

Air Force Research Lab: Signal Processing for Improved Moving Target
     Detection, Localization, and Tracking Using Multi-Static Passive Radars

Office of Naval Research: Localization Grid for Accurate Positioning 
     onboard a Carrier

Office of Naval Research: Co-Prime Frequency and Aperture Design
     for HF Surveillance, Wideband Radar Imaging, and Nonstationary
     Array Processing

Past Projects

National Science Foundation: Partnerships for Innovation in
    Acoustic and Ultrasound Technologies for Medical and Industrial

Air Force Research Lab: Next-Generation Over-the-Horizon HF Radar   
    (NGOTHR) Moving Target Indicator (MTI) and Clutter Mitigation   

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency: Intelligent Remote
     Sensing for Urban Warfare Operations

Office of Naval Research: Through-the-Wall Target Detection and
     Classification for Achieving Transparent Urban Structures

Office of Naval Research: Technologies for Future Naval Capabilities

Office of Naval Research: High-Rate Multiuser Cooperative Diversity

Ben Franklin Technology Partners: Antenna Array Beamforming and
    Space-Time Processing Algorithms for Wideband Telemetry Digital

Ben Franklin Technology Partners: RF Data Link Multi-Path Interference
     Mitigation Processing Solutions

Cellnet+Hunt: Development of Orphan Meter Detection Techniques

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